Pacific Ventures will manufacture ice cream with alcoholic beverages

Pacific Ventures Group recently signed an agreement with a new co-packer to produce and manufacture the SnöBar product line in the United States.

The new factory will produce the SnöBar product line at a reduced price, which will allow greater profitability for the company.

The idea for SnöBar came to Shannon Masjedi one night at his house while he was trying to create a special dessert. He started mixing alcohol into his ice cream to give it a kick and voila! An idea was born!

Clearly, SnöBar, alcohol-infused popsicles and sundaes, was born out of inspiration, but it’s its singular approach and diverse experience that will put it on the map, according to the company.

Shortly after home testing it, Masjedi partnered with mixologists, chefs, and food scientists to refine the flavor, texture, and alcohol content. Made with natural ingredients and premium alcohol, there is a complete cocktail in every serving.

SnöBar’s three types of ice cream, Margarita, Mojito and Cosmopolitan, replicate the distinctive taste and experience of traditional cocktails.

Margarita ice cream is made with Premium tequila, lime and triple sec; Cosmopolitan ice cream is made with premium vodka, triple sec and cranberry.

Pacific Ventures

The new factory has all the necessary licenses to manufacture the SnöBar product line and the company expects to place its first order with the new copacker in 2023.

The company, which will seek to expand sales across the United States, posted a 39% year-over-year increase in revenue in 2021, to $42 million, as a result of the acquisition of Seaport Meat Company.

Currently, the company’s distributor sells SnöBar products on the East Coast of the United States.

Pacific Ventures management has been actively building an online platform that will enable the nationwide distribution of SnöBar.

Now the company’s platform is complete and ready to «go live» and, with the goal of buying inventory, as well as increasing sales and marketing efforts.

Pacific Ventures supplies approximately 400 client locations in the Southwest. These customer locations include independently owned single and multi-unit restaurants, regional chain restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and motels, country clubs, government and military organizations, colleges and universities.

The company provides more than 3,000 fresh, frozen and dry food storage units, or SKUs, as well as non-food items, sourced from multiple vendors.

Its distribution facilities and fleet of approximately 15 trucks allow the company to operate efficiently and provide high levels of customer service.


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