Televisa increases revenue from digital advertising

Digital advertising revenues of Televisa increased from 26% of total advertising revenues from the publishing business in 2020 to 34% in 2021.

The company’s sales in the Editorial-Magazine Circulation business were 341.2 million pesos in 2021 (+26.5% year-on-year), while in the Editorial-Advertising business its sales totaled 142.6 million (-17.3 percent).

But in general, the trend of both indicators has been downward, since in 2019 the Editorial-Magazine Circulation business registered sales of 411.9 million pesos and the Editorial-Advertising business reported sales of 269.8 million.

Despite the challenges facing the publishing industry, Televisa considers that it has remained, in terms of circulation, as an important company in the publication and distribution of magazines in Mexico.

With a circulation of more than 11 million copies in 2021, the company publishes 32 titles that are distributed in Mexico.

The company’s main magazines in Mexico include TVyNovelas, a weekly entertainment and drama information magazine; Vanidades, a popular fortnightly magazine for women, and Caras, a leading monthly magazine in the “social” sector.

The company also manages 14 digital platforms that generated 204 million unique users on said platforms during 2021.


The company publishes and distributes the Spanish-language print and digital editions of various magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire (through a partnership with Hearst Communications), Muy Interesante and Muy Interesante Jr., pursuant to a license agreement with ZinetMediaGlobal.

In addition, Televisa publishes the print edition and on digital platforms in Spanish of National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler, through a license agreement with National Geographic Partners. And it publishes several comics under license agreements with Marvel Brands and DC Comics.

Televisa estimates that it distributes more than 50%, in terms of volume, of the magazines that circulate in Mexico, through its subsidiary Distribuidora Intermex.

The company estimates that its distribution network, including its independent distributors, reaches more than 126 million Spanish-speaking people in Mexico.

This distribution network reaches more than 8,300 points of sale in Mexico.

In 2019, 2020 and 2021, 66, 51 and 52%, respectively, of the publications distributed by this network consisted of publications edited by Televisa, respectively.

The company also distributes stamp albums, books, novelties and other consumer products.


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