Mondelēz launches products with less sugar

Mondelēz International has launched lower sugar products as part of its understanding of consumer needs and its offering of quality snacks.

The company is working to introduce new varieties of its core products, including new flavor or nutrition profiles based on consumer preferences, such as Cadbury Dairy Milk 30% Less Sugar Bars, Sugar Free Oreos and the Cadbury Plant Bar, a vegan (100% plant-based) bar, a sustainably sourced cocoa chocolate bar wrapped in plant-based packaging.

Overall, the company’s goal is to address consumer needs and market trends and leverage scalable innovation platforms, sustainability programs, and cutting-edge technologies to delight its consumers and drive growth.

Mondelēz focuses its research and technical development resources at 12 technical centers around the world to drive growth, creativity, increased effectiveness, increased efficiency and accelerated project delivery.

Its innovation and new product development goals include continuous improvement in food safety and quality, growth through new products, superior consumer satisfaction, and reduction of production costs.

At the same time, Mondelēz’s innovation efforts are focused on anticipating consumer demands and quickly adapting to changing market trends.


The company works to test and learn new ideas and implement successful ones in other areas of its business. Conscious snacking and sustainability are a major focus of their current research and development initiatives.

Mondelēz also has a dedicated venture and innovation center, SnackFutures, which is designed to capitalize on consumer trends and emerging growth opportunities in wellness snacks.

The group’s priorities support incremental growth in three key strategic areas: inventing new brands and businesses, investing in early-stage entrepreneurs, and amplifying the impact of SnackFutures with the CoLab startup engagement program, created to provide startups with tools , technologies and expertise that can help them learn, grow and succeed.


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