Grupo TMM will finish new dam in 2023

Grupo TMM intends to expand and diversify its shipyard capabilities through the construction of a new 6,600 metric ton floating dry dock, with completion expected to occur in the first quarter of 2023.

The company has a concession to operate a shipyard in the port of Tampico, Mexico.

The shipyard is located on the Gulf of Mexico, in close proximity to offshore oil and gas facilities and other key trade routes between the southeastern United States and Mexico.

The shipyard provides ship repair services and allows Grupo TMM to provide dry dock services to more than 30 vessels per year.

In addition, it allows the company to better capitalize on the opportunities created by new entrants to the Mexican market.

Grupo TMM is one of the largest transportation and logistics companies in Mexico, providing a variety of integrated and dynamic transportation and logistics services to premium clients throughout the country, including maritime transportation services, port and terminal management, logistics and storage services.

Grupo TMM

The company’s Marine Operations division provides maritime transportation services, including the operation of offshore vessels that provide transportation and other services to the Mexican offshore oil industry, tankers that transport petroleum products within Mexican and international waters, tankers carrying cargoes of liquid chemicals and vegetable oils to and from the United States and Mexico; and bulk carriers carrying unpackaged commodities, such as steel, between South America, the Caribbean and Mexico.

As of March 31, 2022, the company operated a fleet of 30 vessels, including product and chemical tankers, a bulk carrier and a variety of offshore supply vessels.

Of these vessels, 24 are owned by TMMDM and the company manages, operates and markets them under a maritime services contract.

In addition, Grupo TMM operates a shipyard with integrated services based in the port of Tampico, through its subsidiary, Inmobiliaria Dos Naciones (IDN).

IDN is located near key offshore oil and gas facilities and trade routes between the southeastern United States and Mexico.

IDN provides ship repair services and has two floating dry docks with a capacity of 3,000 tons each, one of which will be replaced by the new floating dry dock with a capacity of 6,600 tons.


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