China and Vietnam dominate world phone exports

China and Vietnam dominated the world’s phone exports in 2021, with a joint share of 51.7 percent.

While China’s phone exports were 226,655 million dollars (37.9% of the world total), those corresponding to Vietnam added 82,481 million dollars (a coverage of 13.8 percent).

Despite the severe impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, smartphone unit shipments grew 6% in 2021, reflecting accelerated 5G commercialization as new 5G smartphones shortened the overall replacement cycle.

As this trend continues, TSMC projects low single-digit growth for the smartphone market in 2022.

In the longer term, the migration to 5G, coupled with improved performance, longer battery life, biosensors, and more AI features will continue to drive smartphone sales well into the future.

In addition, TSMC highlights that the pandemic continues to change consumers’ lifestyles and work styles, driving more applications for smart home and health management, while businesses are also accelerating digital transformation, driving demand for enterprise IoT devices.

Phone exports

By adding more AI capabilities, IoT devices are becoming smarter IoT devices and further driving demand for more powerful but less power consuming controllers, connectivity ICs and sensors.

In addition to offering the industry’s most leading technology, TSMC also provides customers with ultra-low energy process technologies to meet industry trends and help them succeed in the market.

On smartphone platforms, TSMC provides customers with leading process technologies such as 4nm FinFET (N4) and 5nm FinFET (N5) logic process technologies, as well as comprehensive IP for premium product applications to further enhance the chip performance, reduce power consumption and decrease chip size.

For core and core product applications, the company offers highly competitive leading-edge specialty technologies to deliver specialized add-on chips for customers’ logic application processors, including RF, embedded flash memory, emerging memory technologies, power management, and sensors. , among others.

Other notable phone exporters in 2021 were: Hong Kong ($76.61 billion), the United States ($31.777 million), the Netherlands ($21.297 million), Singapore ($13.752 million), Germany ($13.614 million), and Mexico ($11.837 million).



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