AT&T covers 250M people with 5G in the US

The telecommunications company AT&T reported that its network in the United States covers all major metropolitan areas and more than 250 million people with its 5G technology.

AT&T is a leading provider of telecommunications, media and technology services worldwide.

In particular, its communications segment provides services to businesses and consumers located in the United States and businesses globally.

Their business strategies reflect bundled product offerings that span product lines and use shared assets. This segment contains the following business units:

  • Mobility offers wireless services and equipment nationwide.
  • Business Wireline provides advanced IP-based services as well as traditional voice and data services for business customers.
  • Consumer Wireline provides Internet, including fiber broadband, and legacy phone voice communication services to residential customers.

In North America, its network covers more than 434 million people with 4G LTE and more than 250 million with 5G technology.

Also, in the United States, its network covers all major metropolitan areas and more than 330 million people with its LTE technology.

Its 3G network provides services to customers using older phones and connected devices.

But AT&T said it will discontinue services on its 3G network on February 22, 2022 and hopes to redeploy that spectrum as it transitions to 5G.


At the end of 2021, approximately 1% of its postpaid subscribers used 3G phones and the company expects them to transition to newer technologies.

The business is experiencing rapid growth in data usage as consumers demand continuous access across their wired and wireless devices, and businesses and municipalities connect more and more equipment and facilities to the Internet.

The deployment of 5G, which enables faster connectivity, lower latency, and higher bandwidth, requires modifications to existing cell sites to add equipment that supports new frequencies, such as the C-band and the 3.45 GHz band. just auctioned.

Its 5G service launched nationwide in July 2020, and with that availability, the introduction of 5G phones and devices has helped renew interest in equipment upgrades.

The higher speeds and operational efficiency of the network expected with 5G technology should enable mass deployment of Internet-connected devices, as well as faster delivery of data services.

In January 2022, it began rolling out its C-band spectrum, subject to certain voluntary limitations.


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