Wireless connectivity expands in the world

Wireless connectivity is expanding rapidly around the world, said Skyworks Solutions, a wireless semiconductor company.

Broadly speaking, Skyworks Solutions designs and manufactures radio frequency and complete semiconductor system solutions for mobile communication applications.

Connectivity is expanding to an adjacent set of IoT markets, with the number of connected devices rapidly proliferating.

ABI Research IoT Market Tracker forecasts 23 billion IoT connections by 2026.

In this regard, Skyworks Solutions is enabling these opportunities with highly customized solutions that support a broad set of wireless systems and protocols including cellular, 5G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Accutime, HD-Radio, LoRa, Thread, and Zigbee.

Additionally, next-generation Wi-Fi 6 and 6E products are emerging as the standard offering in the enterprise, carrier, and retail segments and are expected to accelerate the deployment of IoT devices.

Wireless connectivity

Skyworks Solutions products and markets require rapid technological advancements that require a continuous effort to improve existing products and develop new products and technologies.

Consequently, the company maintains a high level of research and development activity. It invested $ 532.3 million and $ 464.1 million in research and development during fiscal year 2021 and fiscal year 2020, respectively.

So wireless connectivity is expanding globally and this underscores the critical nature of Skyworks Solutions’ mission to connect everyone and everything, all the time.

A growing range of use cases is driving an insatiable demand for ubiquitous wireless data in a wide range of applications, including remote work, entertainment, fitness, virtual education and meetings, telemedicine, factory automation, connected cars, mobile Internet, cloud games and AR/VR technology.

This results in an extraordinary need for faster speeds, higher bandwidth and capacity, significantly lower latency, and more reliable and secure wireless connectivity.


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