Which company is the largest producer of tequila?

Becle, also known as Jose Cuervo, is the largest tequila producer in the world, according to IWSR.

Formerly known as Grupo JB, the name Becle is a combination of the words drink and grow.

In 2022, its brands accounted for 29.8% and 23.5% of global tequila volume and sales value, respectively. 

 How much was the value of the global tequila market in 2022? IWSR estimates it at $16.328 billion.

And of that total, how much were Becle’s sales? Approximately US$3.83 billion.

Largest tequila producer

Tequila is a distilled alcoholic beverage and a distinctive product of Mexico, complying with certain regulations.

Since February 1, 1974, the official standard of identity for tequila in the United States has recognized tequila as a distinctive product of Mexico.

This beverage is produced mainly in a region of Jalisco with two main categories: «100% agave» and «Mixtos». 

Mixtos must contain at least 51% agave.

Jose Cuervo

Becle’s tequila portfolio comprises a diversity of brands, including three of the top six tequila brands by volume globally in 2022, according to IWSR.

These brands are Jose Cuervo, 1800 and Centenario. 

In 2022, Becle’s flagship family of brands, Jose Cuervo, sold more 9-liter cases of tequila than any other brand. 

In turn, the 1800 brand is the fourth largest 100% agave tequila brand in the world by volume. 

Globally, the distilled spirits industry, in general, and the tequila industry in particular, is very competitive. 

The tequila industry is comprised of both major, well-financed players and smaller, boutique producers or brands. 

Among the best-selling tequila brands in the United States are Jose Cuervo, Sauza, Patron, Don Julio, El Jimador and Hornitos.

In line with the prevailing trend toward premiumization of the industry, Becle continues to develop its rapidly growing portfolio of ultra-premium and prestige tequila brands, which today includes Maestro Dobel and Reserva de la Familia, among others.