Becle (Jose Cuervo): Tequila Business Strategy

Becle (Jose Cuervo) builds on its leadership in the tequila category and aims to continue the development and expansion of tequila consumption worldwide.

With 9,759 jobs, Becle is a world-renowned company in the beverage alcohol industry and the largest tequila producer in the world.

At the end of 2022, the company had 8,592 employees, 977 workers and 190 officers.

Above all, the company is focused on continuing to penetrate existing markets where tequila consumption offers significant growth potential, such as the U.S. market.

The U.S. distilled spirits market is estimated to be the most profitable in the world, and tequila consumption remains low compared to other distilled spirits categories.

The company’s marketing and distribution strategies are also articulated to target other geographies where the Jose Cuervo brands have a presence, but where tequila consumption remains low, such as Europe and Asia Pacific.

For example, with the acquisition of Bushmills, the company has strengthened its distribution platform in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and is currently implementing initiatives to increase its tequila sales in Europe.

In addition, Becle seeks to continue leading and developing the premiumization trend in tequila through brand positioning in Mexico and the United States.


The company created the “crystalline” category (reposado/ aged and filtered to give a crystalline image) and continues to develop the premium and ultra-premium segments of the category.

For example, in Mexico, where the tequila category has high levels of penetration, the company has identified and expanded a consumer segment that was hungry for more refined, trend-setting premium products.

The focus on the premiumization trend is well represented, among others, by Maestro Tequilero/Dobel and 1800 Cristalino.

Both “crystalline” tequilas were launched in 2009 and 2015, respectively, targeted the ultra premium segment and focus on one of the fastest growing segments within the tequila category.

The strength of Becle’s portfolio is based on the deep legacy of its internally developed brands, such as Jose Cuervo, combined with complementary acquisitions such as Three Olives, Hangar 1, Stranahan’s, Bushmills, Pendleton, Boodles and Proper No. Twelve, as well as a focus on innovation that over the years has created recognized brands such as 1800, Maestro Dobel, Centenario, Kraken, Jose Cuervo Margaritas and B:oost, among others.


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