Weyerhaeuser: leader in wood and forests

With sales of $10.201 million, the Weyerhaeuser Company is one of the largest private owners of timber forests in the world.

As of year-end 2021, the company owned or controlled 10.6 million acres of timber land in the United States and managed an additional 14.1 million acres of timber land under long-term licenses in Canada.

In 2021, Weyerhaeuser reached a significant milestone by publishing its inaugural carbon record.

The company’s carbon record shows that its net impact is markedly carbon negative, meaning it removes substantially more carbon from the atmosphere than it emits each year.

In 2020, its carbon removals totaled approximately 32 million mtCO2e.

This was made up of 10 million mtCO2e of direct carbon removals from its US timberlands (the increase in aboveground carbon attributable to forest growth and management practices after accounting for harvest and mortality) and 22 million additional mtCO2e from Scope 3 removals across its value chain (mainly carbon stored in its own long-life wood products and products its customers make from its logs).


The company’s carbon emissions totaled 7 million mtCO2e in 2020, and only 1 million of that total is its direct and indirect emissions.

Most notably, these direct and indirect emissions are attributed to the use of electricity and fuel within its wood product plants, which speaks to the low carbon intensity of wood product manufacturing.

The remaining 6 million mtCO2e are scope 3 emissions, generated primarily by the customers who buy your wood fiber and the emissions associated with the products and services you buy.

Weyerhaeuser manages timberland on a sustainable basis in accordance with internationally recognized forestry standards.

Its goal is to maximize the long-term value of the timberland it owns.

The company is also one of the largest manufacturers of wood products in North America.

Manufactures and distributes high-quality wood products, including structural lumber, oriented strand board, engineered wood products, and other specialty products.

These products are primarily supplied to the residential, multifamily, industrial, light commercial, and repair and remodel markets. It operates 35 manufacturing plants in the United States and Canada.

The company operates as a real estate investment trust.


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