USMCA SME Dialogue will address implementation

The USMCA SME Dialogue will meet in February in San Antonio, Texas, with a group of people interested in knowing the different points of view on the implementation of the Treaty.

This agreement is included in the Joint Declaration between Mexico, the United States and Canada after the First Meeting of Undersecretaries of the USMCA.

In general, the Undersecretaries stressed the importance of extending the benefits of trade to all citizens of the region.

Likewise, the undersecretaries pledged to continue working to ensure that trade is inclusive, ensuring that under-represented groups such as women, youth and indigenous peoples have the opportunity to be included in the USMCA and can benefit from the Treaty.

SME Dialogue

The SME Committee presented its report and described the activities planned for 2022 to support these companies.

These activities include training and exchange of good practices, among others.

In general, this Thursday’s meeting gave the Undersecretaries the opportunity to review the progress in the implementation of the Agreement since the inaugural meeting of the USMCA Free Trade Commission (CLC) chaired by the ministers in May 2021.

Despite the challenges and difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic, committees formed on key issues have continued to meet in person and virtually, including the Agricultural Trade Committees (including the Working Group for Cooperation in Agricultural Biotechnology), Competitiveness , Trade Facilitation, Small and Medium Enterprises, Temporary Entry, State-Owned Enterprises (EPEs), Environment, the Labor Council and the Consultative Committee on Private Commercial Disputes.

Mexico, the United States, and Canada also held substantial discussions on four broad topics: labor, environment, inclusive trade (comprised of SMEs and competitiveness), and SOEs.

The undersecretaries recognized and welcomed the opportunity for the Treaty to make the three countries leaders in the global fight against forced labor and in the creation of a truly fair and free trading system.


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