Universal Logistics increases its tractor-trailer network by 20%

Universal Logistics Holdings

recorded a 19.6% year-over-year increase in its owned tractor-trailer network in 2022, to 2,091 units, according to the company’s own data.

Universal Logistics is a holding company that owns subsidiaries dedicated to providing a variety of customized transportation and logistics solutions throughout the United States, and in Mexico, Canada and Colombia.

The company also achieved a 7.8% increase in its total number of semi-trailers, to 4,139 units.

Its operating subsidiaries offer a full suite of transportation and logistics solutions that enable customers to reduce costs and manage their global supply chains more efficiently.

In general, the company markets its services through a direct sales and marketing network focused on selling its portfolio of services to large customers in specific industry sectors, through company-managed facilities and full-service freight forwarding and customs clearance offices, and through a network of contracted agents who solicit freight forwarding business directly from shippers.

The company also operates, manages or services 114 logistics centers in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Colombia, and through its network of agents and owner-operators throughout the United States and Ontario, Canada.

Thirty-six of its value-added services operations are located within customers’ plants or distribution operations.

The remaining facilities are typically located close to their customers’ plants to optimize the efficiency of their component supply chains and production processes.

Universal Logistics

Often, your facilities and services are directly integrated into your customers’ production processes and represent a critical part of their supply chains.

To support the flexible business model, Universal Logistics generally coordinates the duration of real estate leases associated with its value-added services with the end date of the customer’s contract related to that facility, or uses month-to-month leases, in order to mitigate exposure to unrecovered lease costs.

Universal Logistics offers its customers a wide range of transportation services using a diverse fleet of tractors and hauling equipment provided by the company itself, its owner-operators and third-party trucking companies.

Its owner-operators provided it with 2,207 tractor units and 1,043 trailers.

The company owns 2,091 tractor units, 4,139 trailers, 3,372 chassis and 129 containers.

As of December 31, 2022, it employed 8,646 people in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Colombia, including 3,588 employees subject to collective bargaining agreements.

It also contracts with personnel suppliers to provide an average of 1,326 additional full-time employees.


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