United Breweries Company gains market share in Chile

United Breweries Company (CCU) has gained share in the Chilean beverage market in the last two years, according to Nielsen data.

Its volume-weighted market share for the Chile operating segment was approximately 43.4, 43.8, and 45.2% in 2018, 2019, and 2020, respectively.

The past period weighted average calculation includes markets and industries that CCU entered at a later date.

Likewise, the volume-weighted market share includes all the categories in which CCU participates in the Chilean domestic market, excluding HOD and powdered beverages according to Nielsen figures.

For the calculation of the weighted average of past periods, markets and industries that CCU entered at a later date are included. Does not include Home and Office Delivery (HOD) or powdered drinks.

United Breweries Company is a multi-category beverage company with operations in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

At the same time, CCU is one of the largest players in each of the beverage categories in which it participates in Chile, including beer, soft drinks, mineral and bottled water, juices, wine and pisco, among others.

United Breweries Company

CCU is the second largest brewery in Argentina and also participates in the cider, spirits and wine industries.

In Uruguay and Paraguay, the company is present in the categories of beer, mineral and bottled water, soft drinks and juices.

In Bolivia, United Breweries Company participates in the categories of beer, water, soft drinks, juices and malt beverages.

On the other hand, in Colombia, the company operates in the beer and malt beverage industry.

The company’s main licensing, distribution and/or joint venture agreements include Heineken Brouwerijen BV, PepsiCo Inc., Seven-up International, Schweppes Holdings Limited, Société des Produits Nestlé SA, Pernod Ricard Chile SA, Promarca SA (Watt’s) and Coors Brewing Company.

Produces and markets alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Chile. In the beer category, it has a broad portfolio of products that includes Premium, Conventional and Convenience brands, which are mainly marketed under different patented and licensed brands.

To conclude, the company is the exclusive producer and distributor of Heineken, Sol and Coors beer in Chile; the exclusive distributor of imported beer Tecate and Blue Moon beer and produces and distributes Kunstmann, Dolbek, Guayacan, Mahina, Szot, Polar Imperial, Patagonia and Austral beer in Chile through distribution or license agreements.


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