Top 5 exporters of mangoes, guavas and mangosteens

The largest exporters of mangoes, guavas and mangosteens in the world in 2022 were Mexico, Thailand, the Netherlands, Peru and India.

With a year-on-year growth of 10%, Mexico exported US$551 million of these fruits, according to data from the World Trade Organization (WTO).

This was followed by Thailand (516 million dollars, 23%), the Netherlands (331 million, -25%), Peru (291 million, -8%) and India (20 million, +19%).

World exports of mangoes, guavas and mangosteens totaled $3.399 billion in 2022.

In volume terms, preliminary OECD data indicate that world exports of these three products declined 5 percent, to approximately 2.1 million tonnes (Mt).

The main reasons behind this were a substantial drop in mangosteen exports from Thailand, as well as lower mango exports from Brazil and Peru, which could not be offset by higher exports from Mexico.

By type worldwide, exported quantities of mango accounted for about 83 percent and mangosteen for about 16 percent.

As before, guava continued to show low availability in import markets, particularly due to its lower suitability for transport.

Exporters of mangoes

Total world import quantities of fresh mangoes, mangosteens, and guavas fell by approximately 1% in 2022 to about 2 Mt, as suggested by monthly trade data available through August 2022.

The United States and the European Union remained the top two importing countries globally, with import shares of approximately 26% and 18%, respectively.

In both markets, industry sources reported higher consumer demand for mangoes, despite high price and inflationary pressures, in line with generally greater nutritional awareness of the purported health benefits of these fruits.

However, U.S. import growth during the first eight months of the year was somewhat constrained by the difficult supply situation in Peru and Brazil, the second and third largest origin of mangoes in the U.S., which apparently could not be fully offset by higher imports from Mexico.


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