Fresh Fruit: Business Opportunities in Canada

Limited domestic fresh fruit production and growing consumer demand are driving demand for U.S. fresh fruit in Canada, according to the Department of Commerce.

For example, there continues to be strong demand for table grapes, easy-peel citrus products and mangoes.

Over all, fresh fruits imported by Canada are strawberries, table grapes, apples, cherries and raspberries.

The Department of Commerce estimates that two-thirds of all produce consumed in Canada is imported.

It also expects U.S. fresh fruit exports to remain stable, accounting for approximately 37% of fresh fruit imports to Canada in 2021.

According to Nielsen Research, Canadians spend 20% more on fruit than Americans.

While the U.S. continues to corner a sizable share of the market, import competition has grown thanks to Canadian trade agreements, a concerted effort to diversify import suppliers, and growth in exportable fruit supplies from emerging exporting countries.

Mexico, along with the larger Central and South American countries, are becoming serious competitors to match U.S. exports of fresh fruits and vegetables in Canada.

Fresh fruit

U.S. sales are expected to remain strong, especially for strawberries, other berries, grapes, oranges and apples, with an increasingly popular organic market among consumers.

Canada is by far the most critical market for U.S. fresh fruit exports, relying heavily on fresh fruit imports to meet total market demand due to the limited growing season in Canada.

Major U.S. growers and shippers are members of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association, an influential industry advocate in Canada on food safety and trade issues and a key advocate for healthy nutrition and increased fresh fruit consumption among Canadians.


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