Top 5 destinations for U.S. cheddar exports

The top destinations for cheddar cheese exports from the United States in 2022 were Japan, South Korea, Australia, Mexico and the Philippines.

With year-over-year growth of 79%, these U.S. sales to the entire world totaled $398 million in that year.

Ahead of all its destinations, the U.S. shipped cheddar cheese to Japan for a customs value of $118 million in 2022, up 107%, according to Commerce Department data.

Shipments to subsequent outstanding markets were as follows: South Korea ($45 million, +110%), Australia ($43 million, +92%), Mexico ($33 million, -19%) and the Philippines ($18 million +77 percent).

Cheddar cheese is cheese made by the cheddar process or by another process that produces a finished cheese that has the same physical and chemical properties as cheese produced by the cheddar process and is made from cow’s milk with or without added coloring and with salt, contains not more than 39 percent moisture and, in the water-free substance, contains not less than 50 percent milkfat and complies with the provisions of §19.500.

Cheese Exports

The United States has about 600 varieties of cheese and there are more than 1,000 licensed artisan, specialty and farmhouse cheesemakers producing handmade, naturally flavored or fresh-from-the-farm cheeses that are becoming increasingly popular with Americans.


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