Top 3 Coca-Cola bottlers in Mexico

The three main bottlers for The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) in Mexico are Coca-Cola FEMSA, Arca Continental and Bepensa.

Bepensa Bebidas, a division of Bepensa, produces, markets, distributes and sells non-alcoholic soft drinks, and markets ready-to-drink low-proof alcoholic beverages under The Coca-Cola Company’s trademarks.

Coca-Cola FEMSA is the largest bottler of Coca-Cola brand beverages in the world in terms of sales volume.

During 2022, this company accounted for approximately 11.5% of the Coca-Cola system’s volume in the world.

In turn, Arca Continental produces, distributes and sells soft drinks of the brands owned or licensed by The Coca-Cola Company and its own brands.

This company is the second largest bottler in the Americas in terms of sales and volume of beverages of the brands owned or licensed by TCCC.


The competitors of these bottlers in Mexico are Pepsi-Cola products.

There are also other competitors such as Peñafiel (Cadbury Schweppes), Jarritos and other bottlers.

The main competing products are «Pepsi Cola», «Pepsi-Cola Light», «Mirinda», «Seven Up», «Manzanita Sol», «Kas», «Jarritos» and «Big Cola».

In general, the soft drink industry in Mexico is highly competitive and several companies in the industry agree.

Some bottlers have developed their own brands of cola and other flavors, known as «B Brands», among which Big Cola and Red Cola are the best known.

The strategy of the «B Brands» has been to sell large carbonated beverages at low prices, which has impacted prices and margins in the carbonated and non-carbonated beverage segment.

Finally, Grupo GEPP produces, sells and distributes globally recognized brands such as Pepsi Cola, Pepsi Light, Seven Up, Lipton, Mirinday and Gatorade.

Grupo GEPP has developed its own portfolio with its own or contributed brands that distinguish carbonated and non-carbonated beverages and water bottles, such as Epura, Electropura, and Santorini.


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