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Top 15 gold mines in Mexico

Newmont‘s Peñasquito, Torex Gold‘s Limón-Guajes, and Fresnillo plc‘s La Herradura led the top gold mines in Mexico in 2022, according to data from the Mexican Mining Chamber (Camimex).

Other leading mines belong to Pan American Silver, Alamos Gold, Equinox Gold, Coeur Mining, Agnico Eagle Mines, First Majestic Silver, Argonaut Gold and Minas de Bacis.

By company, Fresnillo plc was the largest domestic gold producer in 2022. Newmont ranked second, followed by Torex Gold, First Majestic and Agnico Eagle.

Together, these five companies accounted for 42.4% of total production.

The operations that increased their production were: In Sonora, Agnico Eagle Mines’ «La India» increased its production by 17.5% compared to 2021, while Alamos Gold’s «Mulatos» increased its volumes by almost 11%, thanks to the contributions of its new mine «La Yaqui Grande».

Meanwhile, First Majestic Silver’s «Santa Elena» more than doubled its production compared to that recorded in 2021, due to the fact that the «El Ermitaño» deposit contributed more than 60% of the plant’s supply, and Grupo México with «Buenavista del Cobre» increased the extraction of this metal by 23.2% compared to the previous year.

Minera Alamos’ «Santana» reached the commercial production threshold.

Main gold mines

In Durango, Endeavour Silver’s «Guanaceví» increased its production 18.2% and Avino Silver and Gold’s «Avino» went from 3,328 ounces in 2021 to 5,778 ounces in 2022.

In Zacatecas, «Fresnillo» increased its production only 2% over the previous year. Minera Frisco’s «Tayahua», Panamerican Silver’s «La Colorada» and Grupo Mexico’s «San Martin» increased their production by 18.8%, 22.9% and 30%, respectively.

Minera Frisco, with «San Francisco del Oro», located in Chihuahua, increased extraction by 33.7% compared to 2021.

There were also year-on-year increases in Sierra Metals’ «Bolívar» and «Cusi» mines, with 25.1% and 4.2%, respectively.

Gold Resource’s «El Aguila» increased its volumes by 29% compared to 2021, registering 34,122 ounces.

Meanwhile, in Sinaloa, McEwen Mining, with its «El Gallo» mine, increased its production 2.3 times over the previous year.

Meanwhile, «Capela», of Industrias Peñoles, did the same, but by 19.1%.


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