Top 15 Exporters of Electronics to the United States

China, Mexico, and Taiwan ranked among the top electronics exporters to the United States in 2020.

In total, US imports of electronic products declined modestly by $ 215 million (0.04%) in 2020, to $ 483.7 billion, according to statistics from the United States International Trade Commission (USITC).

More than anything, the decline was due to a drop in imports of telecommunications equipment; medical articles; and measurement, test and control instruments.

However, there were substantial increases in imports of computers, peripherals, and blank and prerecorded parts and media.

Among the largest electronics exporters to the United States, China reached 160.999 million dollars, followed by Mexico (80.092 million) and Taiwan (32.212 million).

Imports of electronic products from China recorded the largest decrease in value ($ 6.1 billion or 3.7%), while imports from Vietnam recorded the largest increase in value and percentage change ($ 6.3 billion, 27.4% percent).

US imports of electronics from Vietnam likely increased due to a partial shift out of China, in part due to various trade actions implemented by the US and China.

Electronics exporters

US imports of telecommunications equipment decreased by $ 6.9 billion (6.8%) in 2020.

The decline mainly involved imports from China and South Korea.

Within this summary, the largest decrease was registered in mobile phones, with a fall of 5.1 billion dollars or 9.5 percent.

Certain imported telecommunications equipment, inputs and finished products from China remain subject to additional tariffs of 25% ad valorem imposed in May 2019 under section 301 of the Trade Law of 1974.

Mobile phone imports declined due to falling demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic and consumers restricted the purchase of new phones in anticipation of new 5G mobile phone options.

Electronic products: U.S. general imports by select trading partners and by year (In millions of dollars)

From 2019 to 2020, imports of navigation instruments and remote control devices decreased by $ 1.6 billion (24.5%), representing the second largest percentage change within the electronics sector.

The decrease mainly involved imports from China, France and Mexico.


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