The Walt Disney to produce 40 feature films and episodic TV shows

The Walt Disney Company reported that it plans to produce approximately 40 titles, including feature films and episodic television programs, in fiscal 2023, which ends on October 1.

Those films and programs will be distributed theatrically and/or on its DTC (direct-to-consumer) platforms.

As the studios produce films under the Walt Disney Pictures, Twentieth Century Studios, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar and Searchlight Pictures brands, film production costs are typically capitalized and allocated to the distribution platform using the content.

Marvel granted production and distribution rights for the Spider-Man films to Sony Pictures Entertainment (Sony) prior to the Company’s acquisition of Marvel in fiscal 2010.

In general, Sony incurs the costs of production and distribution of the Spider-Man films and the Company licenses the merchandising rights to third parties.

The Company pays Sony a licensing fee based on the box office revenues of each film, subject to specified limits. The Company generally distributes other films produced by Marvel.

The Walt Disney Company’s Studios film library includes content from approximately 100 years of production history, as well as acquired film libraries, and totals approximately 5,100 live-action titles and 400 animated titles.

In addition, the library includes approximately 50 films and approximately 30 series that the Studios group produced for initial distribution on our DTC platforms.


Content produced by General Entertainment consists primarily of original television programming, news and daytime and late-night content.

General Entertainment also acquires rights to episodic television programming.

Original content is generally produced by the following Company-owned television studios: ABC Signature; 20th Television; Disney Branded Television; FX Productions; and National Geographic Studios.

General Entertainments’ library of television programming includes content from approximately 70 years of production history.

In fiscal 2023, General Entertainment plans to produce or commission more than 270 original programs, most of which will include multiple episodes.

The company‘s productions generally include comedies, dramas, animations, documentaries, specials, television movies, short films and network news content.


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