The USITC: functions and budget

The USITC is an independent, quasi-judicial agency charged with conducting trade-related investigations and providing independent technical advice on U.S. international trade policy to Congress, the President, and USTR.

The Commission investigates and determines whether imports injure a domestic industry or violate U.S. intellectual property rights; provides independent analysis related to tariffs, trade, and competitiveness to the President, Congress, and USTR; and maintains the U.S. tariff schedule.

Also, the USITC serves as a federal resource for trade data and other trade policy information. It makes most of its information and analysis available to the public to promote understanding of competitiveness, international trade issues, and the role that international trade plays in the U.S. economy.

The USITC’s annual budget request to Congress is subject to two types of submissions: the President’s budget request for the Commission, which is included in the President’s annual budget; and the Commission’s stand-alone budget request.

The USITC is empowered to submit its stand-alone budget directly to Congress without review by the President, pursuant to Section 175 of the Trade Act of 1974.

The President’s FY2023 budget requests $106.8 million for the USITC, which is $3.2 million less (-2.9%) than the approved FY2022 funding.


In turn, the Commission’s stand-alone budget proposal to Congress requests $122.4 million for FY2023, which is $12.4 million (11.0%) above the FY2022 approved funding level and $15.6 million above the President’s FY2023 request.

The USITC’s separate Congressional budget justification highlights an increased volume of AD/CVD cases; an increase in Harmonized Tariff Schedule updates in recent years due to Administration initiatives (such as Section 232 and Section 301 tariffs, as well as other trade issues); and plans for IT infrastructure maintenance.

Both the House committee-reported and Senate-reported bills recommend $122.4 million for the USITC.

The proposed funding is $12.4 million (11.3%) more than the FY2022 enacted amount and $15.6 million (14.6%) more than the President’s request, and is equal to the Commission’s stand-alone budget submission.


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