The 6 leading companies in casinos, games and raffles in Mexico

The leading companies in the business of casinos, games and raffles in Mexico are PlayCity, Codere, Caliente, Grupo Cirsa and Grupo Logrand and Palacio de los Números.

These companies also face competition from illegal casinos and bingo halls throughout the country.

In particular, Codere Online is an international online casino gaming and online sports betting group focused on providing its customers with a safe and enjoyable online gaming experience.

Codere Online operates mainly in Spain, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Panama and, since December 2021, in the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina), where it offers its users the possibility of playing online casino games and betting on sporting events.

Additionally, Codere Online seeks to innovate and expand its product offering on its established and flexible technology platform while pursuing its vision of being the leading online sports betting and casino games operator in Latin America.

Codere Online maintains an extensive and up-to-date catalog of online casino games with more than 1,300 titles from more than 30 third-party content providers.


For its part, Televisa has expanded its gaming and raffle business, which consists of casinos and an online gaming website.

As of December 31, 2021, Televisa had 18 casinos in operation under the PlayCity name.

Derived from the global pandemic, casinos have been opening and closing intermittently in Mexico, in response to the provisions of the respective authorities.

In terms of the permission granted to Televisa, it was allowed to open more casinos until May 2021.

The company has requested an extension to the permit granted by the Ministry of the Interior, which is in the process of being resolved.

In 2017, Televisa launched its sports betting website. The casinos and sports betting website operate under a permit granted by the Ministry of the Interior to establish, among other things, up to 45 casinos in Mexico.

During 2017, Televisa’s management decided to start an internal process to close Multijuegos, the company’s lottery business, and in December 2017, authorization was obtained from the Ministry of the Interior to suspend said business operations.


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