The 5 leading companies in artificial intelligence patents in China

Baidu is at the top of the ranking of the companies with the highest number of artificial intelligence (AI) patent applications in China as of October 30, 2020.

After Baidu (9,364 applications), Tencent (8,450), Huawei (7,381), Inspur (7.02) and State Grid (5,779) followed, according to CIC Report.

In general, China is at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology development.


In 2019, China ranked first globally in terms of the total number of published AI research papers, number one globally in terms of number of AI patent applications, and second globally in terms of number total AI companies, according to the CIC Report.

Also, Chinese AI companies raised the most capital globally between 2015 and 2019.

Since 2015, China’s investment in artificial intelligence has surpassed that of the United States, reaching approximately $ 46.76 billion in 2019, compared to $ 38.65 billion in the United States.

For the Baidu company, artificial intelligence technologies have developed differently in different parts of the world.


However, according to the CIC Report, building a powerful artificial intelligence system requires:

Chips and cloud computing to provide enough computing power to process massive amounts of data.

A deep learning framework and model library, especially from the open source artificial intelligence platform, to enable developers to create high-quality artificial intelligence algorithms.

Application-level capabilities, such as speech recognition, computer vision, optical character recognition, and NLP, that help develop the abilities to perceive, understand, and make decisions.

To compete successfully, Baidu said, artificial intelligence companies must meet the following criteria:

A robust ecosystem where a large amount of data is available for machine learning and algorithm improvement.

Technologically superior and cost-effective integrated hardware and software solutions.

Sufficient financial resources to support research and development and talent retention, as the road to monetization can be long and uncertain.

To date, Baidu is the only Chinese company that has developed full-stack AI capabilities ranging from chip design to deep learning framework and application-level AI capabilities.