The 4 main chicken producers in Mexico

The largest chicken producers in Mexico include Industrias Bachoco, Pilgrim’s Pride (which acquired the operations of Tysons Foods Mexico in 2015), Grupo San Antonio and Buenaventura Grupo Pecuario, according to a report by the United States Department of Commerce (USDA).

In the context, the National Aviculturists Union (UNA) projected that the Mexican poultry industry would continue with growth trends in 2021, slowing to around 1% annually from 3% in 2020.

The 10 largest broiler producers in Mexico represent 75 to 80% of the total market share.

In general, USDA believes that domestic and international animal processors value Mexico’s poultry market and compete to expand their presence in Mexico in terms of overall volume, point-of-sale distribution, and broad coverage of product offerings.

In 2009, JBS obtained a majority stake in Pilgrim’s Pride, the second largest poultry processor in Mexico.

Then, in 2015, Pilgrim’s Pride acquired Tyson Foods’ business operations in Mexico.

Chicken producers

In 2021, JBS offered to extend its 80% stake to full ownership of Pilgrim’s Pride.

Also in 2021, Pilgrim’s Pride announced it will launch a research and development complex in southern Mexico to further develop value-added product lines for prepared foods targeting the HRI and retail distribution channels.

Separately, Cargill and Continental Grain recently announced the acquisition of Sanderson Farms, a US poultry producer that generated about 4% of its net sales to US distributors that exported Sanderson Farms products to Mexico.

Among Mexican domestic producers, Industrias Bachoco, the market leader, is expanding its portfolio beyond poultry into pork and value-added sectors such as pet food.

In 2020, Bachoco completed the acquisition of Sonora Agropecuaria SA (SASA), a major hog producer and processor.

Shortly after, in 2021, Bachoco announced the acquisition of La Perla, a major Mexican pet food producer.

Meanwhile, Grupo Viz (SuKarne), a leading Mexican beef processor, is expanding its sales of prepared and ready-to-cook poultry products.


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