Ternium: Pesquería strengthened sales of high-end steel

The industrial center of Ternium in Pesquería strengthened the company‘s position in the high-end steel market sector.

With this, Ternium gave way to a gradual replacement of imported goods in key industrial segments.

In addition, the commissioning of a new hot rolling mill in this industrial center in July 2021 represented a technological leap in Mexico‘s steel production capacity.

Thus, Ternium expanded its dimensional offer with the most advanced steel grades, with the aim of meeting all industry requirements to substitute high value-added steel imports, targeting the demanding and innovative automotive industry, as well as sectors appliances, machinery, energy and construction.

Ternium's industrial center in Pesquería strengthened the company's position in the high-end steel market sector.

Going forward, recently announced new investments in this industrial hub will expand the facility’s advanced high- and ultra-strength steel production capabilities and help the plant better serve its customers in the automotive, renewable energy and home appliance industries. as well as in the construction and agriculture sectors.


Panoramic, according to the company’s perspective, the incorporation of new technologies, the development of new advanced steel products and the integration of its industrial system are elements of a strategy aimed at increasing the participation of higher-margin value-added products in the company’s sales mix.

Ternium’s differentiation initiatives have included investments in state-of-the-art technologies.

As part of this strategy, Ternium has built its Pesquería Industrial Center in Mexico, which currently includes a hot rolling mill, a cold rolling mill, two galvanizing machines and a painting line.

Ternium also recently announced the construction at this center of a new cold rolling mill, a hot dip galvanizing line, a push-pull pickling line and new finishing lines with a total capital investment of approximately $1 billion and the start of operations expected in the first half of 2024.

In 2021, Ternium opened a new research and development center in Pesquería.

Ternium provides technical assistance to its clients through its product research and development area, which allows maximizing the performance of its steel products and the efficiency of downstream manufacturing processes in the value chain of the steel industry.


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