Production for Guess: more than one third is made in China

Production for Guess, a U.S. fashion company, is more than one-third sourced from China, according to the company itself.

Guess sells a wide range of products, from clothing and watches to accessories, footwear and perfumes.

In fiscal 2024, ended Feb. 3, much of the remaining production for Guess is manufactured by partners and suppliers located in more than 20 countries outside the United States

Guess‘ two largest suppliers, which were its licensee partners, had a share of about 43%, 27% and 20% of the company’s finished goods purchases in fiscal 2024, 2023 and 2022, respectively.

Production for Guess

After emigrating from France to the United States, brothers Georges, Armand, Paul and Maurice Marciano founded Guess in 1981.

Now, distribution through its directly operated retail stores and concessions allows the company to influence the merchandising and presentation of its products, enhance its brand image, generate brand equity and test new product design concepts. 

Guess store locations vary from country to country depending on the type of locations available. 

In general, stores average approximately 2,900 square feet in Europe and the Middle East, approximately 4,800 square feet in the Americas and approximately 2,300 square feet in Asia Pacific. 

Concessions generally average 600 square feet and are located primarily in South Korea and Greater China

As part of its omni-channel initiative, retail store sales in certain regions may be made from one of its numerous retail stores or from its distribution centers.

Supply chains

During fiscal 2024, the company continued to closely manage its supplier base with around 140 major suppliers. 

Given the global instability and challenges within the supply chain and geopolitical environment, Guess is building an agile and efficient supply chain by identifying new suppliers that can help reduce its dependence on certain source countries.

While its net revenues rose 3.3% in fiscal 2024, to $2.777 billion, its net earnings grew 30.4%, to $211 million.


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