Ontex bets on women managers

As of January 2021, Ontex has been led by its first CEO in company history: Esther Berrozpe.

Berrozpe fully believes in the power of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to support the delivery of the New Ontex strategy and acts as a role model for employees in his organization who now see opportunities to advance their careers within Ontex.

Beyond her CEO, Ontex’s senior management and Board of Directors have a strong proportion of women in leadership positions (three out of seven in senior management and four out of twelve at Board level).

In addition, the company has made further advances in the representation of women across the organization, including increasing the global proportion of women at management levels (from 25 to 26% in 2021), advances in the local leadership team in Mexico , where the proportion of women has risen from 0 to 40% in the last four years, recognition from the French authorities for achieving high scores in gender equality in France (97%) and total gender parity in the leadership team of the plant in Turnov, Czech Republic.

Ontex is an international group of personal hygiene products with more than 40 years of experience. It supplies personal hygiene products and solutions to partner brands and healthcare providers and has developed its own brands in baby, women’s and adult care in 110 markets in Europe, the Americas, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.


The company has traditionally relied on its subsidiaries to drive diversity and inclusion initiatives directly linked to local issues and needs.

While local initiatives have had and will continue to have a significant impact, the company realized that to accelerate DEI’s progress it needed to develop a consistent and centralized approach for the entire group.

In 2021, the company launched the Ontex Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy.

The strategy outlines a roadmap until 2030:

  • 2022 – Lay the groundwork (establish DEI infrastructure and governance, review diversity and inclusion policy, develop KPIs and measurement).
  • 2023: strengthen the culture of inclusion.
  • 2024: Focus on reducing barriers to inclusion.
  • 2025: Monitor and correct course.

Furthermore, Cofece, the Mexican antitrust authority, conducted an investigation in its industry and confirmed that Grupo PI Mabe (Mabe) and certain persons committed antitrust violations in periods prior to Mabe’s acquisition of Ontex; Said decision is appealed for unconstitutionality of the imposed fines.

Based on the confirmed findings of the investigation (all related to the prior Mabe acquisition of Ontex) and in light of the contractual terms of the Mabe acquisition, the Company does not expect this to result in a net financial cost to Mabe.


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