Nvidia: partnerships in artificial intelligence

Nvidia Corporation, an American multinational technology company, has partnerships in artificial intelligence (AI) with Amazon, Alphabet, IBM, and Microsoft, among others.

The Nvidia compute platform is focused on accelerating the most compute-intensive workloads, such as AI, data analytics, graphics, and scientific computing, in hyperscale, cloud, enterprise, public sector, and edge data centers.

In the field of AI, the Nvidia platform accelerates deep learning and machine learning workloads.

On the one hand, deep learning is a computational approach in which neural networks are trained to recognize patterns from massive amounts of data in the form of images, sounds and text (in some cases, better than humans) and, on the other hand, in turn, they provide predictions in production use cases.

As for machine learning, it is a related approach that harnesses algorithms and data to learn to make determinations or predictions, and is often used in data science.

HPC, also known as scientific computing, uses numerical computational approaches to solve large and complex problems.

For both AI and HPC applications, Nvidia’s accelerated computing platform greatly increases the performance and energy efficiency of data centers and high-performance computers.


The company is engaged with thousands of organizations working on AI across a multitude of industries, from automating tasks like consumer product and service recommendations, to chatbots for automating or assisting with live customer interactions, to enabling the detection of fraud in financial services, and to optimize exploration and drilling for oil.

These organizations include the world’s leading consumer Internet and cloud services companies, enterprises, and startups looking to implement AI in transformative ways across multiple industries.

Nvidia partners with industry leaders like Amazon, Alphabet, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and VMware to bring AI to business users.

Nvidia also has partnerships in transportation, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing, among others, to accelerate AI adoption.

At the foundation of Nvidia’s accelerated computing platform are its GPUs, which excel at parallel workloads such as neural network training and inference.

They are available on industry-standard servers from all major computer manufacturers, including Cisco, Dell Technologies, HP, Hitachi Vantara, Inspur Group, and Lenovo Group Limited; and from all major cloud service providers including Alicloud, Amazon Web Services, Baidu Cloud, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Tencent Cloud.


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