New Mazatlán Aquarium will start in 2022

The New Mazatlán Aquarium is scheduled to begin operations in October 2022 and will host marine flora and fauna representative of the town and also other marine ecosystems other than Mexico.

At the same time, the aquarium, which will require an investment of 54.4 million dollars, will function as a research center for the conservation and preservation of the flora and fauna of aquatic ecosystems.

So it will be a space for recreation, learning and coexistence.

Who is the winner of the contract and the companies associated with the successful bidder? Abequ, Ocean Wise Conservation Association, Constructora Makro, and Operadora Audax.

In planning and executing this project, the following were considered:

  • The public authority will grant a subsidy to the initial investment and will maintain the property rights (restricted) on the asset.
  • The developer will finance the initial investment; manage income and assets; It will attract and manage donations and sponsorships, to cover operating costs and obtain a profit.

New Mazatlan Aquarium

The project is established on a green area of ​​26,175.49 m2, with an area of ​​footprint of 6,935.7 m2, on land that is located in the area called Central Park Mazatlán, so it will be a tourist complement to said Park.

Likewise, the building is developed on three levels with 12,384.11 m2 built.

On the first level are located the administration and staff areas, reception of school groups, part of the public services, a large part of the conservation and support facilities for marine life, as well as the centralized general facilities.

For its part, the second level comprises the general access plaza, exhibition and public services.

The third level comprises the area of ​​support and attention to the large tanks of the exhibition, with changing rooms, toilets and equipment for the maintenance personnel of the tanks and visitors for the immersion in the oceanic tank, on this floor are the facilities and remaining equipment for marine life support.

According to the Sinaloa government, the objective is to make a tourism product that generates identity and at the same time functions as a marine life research center for the conservation and preservation of threatened species in the aquatic sector.

It is also intended to satisfy the new demands of the tourism sector regarding entertainment tourist attractions with education and conservation programs, seeking to be a tourist product at a national and international level.

It is estimated that it will receive 983,684 visits in its first year.


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