Maersk hired an additional 1,300 engineers

Maersk hired more than 1,300 additional engineers in 2021, thereby significantly reducing its reliance on outside contractors.

The company operates in integrated container logistics, with a dedicated team of more than 80,000 people operating in 130 countries.

From Maersk’s perspective, the success of its transformation depends on the ability to retain and attract world-class talent.

It now has a strong product and engineering team of nearly 5,000 people.

In creating the global container logistics integrator, Maersk believes it was imperative to shift focus from being an asset operator to becoming a customer-focused logistics integrator while maintaining the ability to deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

This realignment of skills and capabilities has led to the addition of approximately 7,000 FTEs (Full Time Equivalent) to the company in roles related to frontline customer, supply chain logistics talent and technologists, with more planning to build internal capabilities. .


To succeed in transforming the company into a provider of sustainable, digitally enabled, end-to-end logistics solutions, the company must attract and retain talented colleagues at all levels.

Thus, Maersk’s new people strategy builds on previous strengths and focuses on the new areas of capability needed for the successful execution of the strategy.

The company’s key ambition is to nurture an organization that is knowledge-driven, capable of executing reliably and is effective through the power of empathy.

Maersk will monitor progress in human capital management using the twice-annual employee survey score as a leading indicator, with the goal of achieving top quartile scores for engagement by 2025.

In 2021, the company set new targets towards 2025 for gender representation at all management levels.

The objectives are associated with a gender action plan focused on three main areas: attraction, retention and inclusion, and responsibility in all functional areas.

The target for women on the Board of Directors was met in 2021, where three out of 10 board members were women.

But the 2021 targets for gender and nationality representation in leadership were not met.


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