Lasers are increasingly used in industries

Lumentum, an American company that manufactures optical and photonic products, noted that lasers are increasingly used in industries.

This company recorded revenues of 1,743 million dollars in the fiscal year ended July 3, 2021, with net profits of 397 million dollars.

As technology advances, industries such as consumer electronics manufacturing are increasingly turning to lasers when they need more precision, higher productivity, and “green” alternatives to problems that cannot be solved by mechanical, electronic, or other means.

For example, these industries are using lasers to develop products that are smaller and lighter to increase productivity and performance and reduce their energy consumption.

Lumentum is an industry-leading provider of optical and photonic products defined by revenue and market share that address a variety of end-market applications, including optical communications and commercial lasers for manufacturing, inspection and life sciences applications.

Lasers have been used for years to help achieve the scale and precision needed in semiconductor processing.

In biotech applications, lasers have been instrumental in advances (and new standard procedures) in cytology, hematology, genome sequencing, and crime scene investigations, among others.


Lumentum believes that long-term trends in these industries will likely lead to increased demand for lasers.

Sheet metal processing and metal welding applications are increasingly using kW-class fiber lasers instead of kW-class CO2 lasers.

Fiber lasers deliver higher productivity at lower cost in such applications because they exhibit lower power consumption, better quality, and generally lower maintenance costs for the user.

In addition, the demand for electronic products, as well as products and components in other industries, with greater functionality but increasingly smaller, lighter and cheaper, continues.

According to Lumentum, innovative next-generation product designs require micromachining and precise material processing, such as microbending and welding.

At the necessary scale and processing speed, lasers are replacing mature mechanical tools such as drills for tiny holes, or “vias,” in printed circuit boards and saws and plotters for separating silicon wafers, resulting in greater precision and productivity.


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