Komatsu: agreements with Proterra and Honda

Komatsu, a leading global manufacturer of construction, mining and forestry equipment, entered into agreements with Proterra and Honda related to electrification.

The company also produces forklifts and industrial machinery.

On the one hand, Komatsu has signed a collaboration agreement with Proterra Inc. of the United States to receive the supply of lithium battery systems from Proterra to electrify its small and medium-sized hydraulic excavators (for the development of battery-powered construction equipment).

Proterra is a leader in commercial vehicle electrification technologies, supplying battery systems and electrification solutions to help heavy and commercial vehicle manufacturers around the world electrify their vehicles.

Komatsu scheduled to advance proof-of-concept testing starting in 2021 and continue in the development of battery systems tailored to small and medium-sized hydraulic excavators, which have higher performance requirements, with the goal of starting mass production sometime between 2023 and 2024.

Based on this agreement, Komatsu will receive the high-performance batteries and peripherals that Proterra has developed with its state-of-the-art technology accumulated during its years of operation as a manufacturer of electric transport vehicles, while collaborating with this company as one of its strategic joint proof-of-concept testing partners


On the other hand, this company has concluded a basic joint development agreement with Honda Motor Co. aimed at electrifying its micro-excavators (less than one-ton class) with interchangeable Honda Mobile Power Pack batteries, and establishing a battery exchange system that enables the mutual use of Honda Mobile Power Packs among different construction equipment and other equipment for the civil engineering and construction industries.

Under the agreement, the two parties will work to electrify Komatsu’s PC01 micro excavator by equipping it with Honda Mobile Power Packs and an electrified power unit (eGX).

The PC01 micro excavator is commonly used in close proximity to people, trees and flowers for pipe-laying, landscaping, farming, ranching and other applications.

Komatsu scheduled to launch the PC01 electric micro excavator by the end of fiscal 2021.


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