Kimberly-Clark México faces slow consumption

While facing slow consumption, the Kimberly-Clark México reported a 0.4% increase in its net sales in 2021, to 46,894 million pesos.

Before, and also as a basis for comparison, Kimberly-Clark de México increased its net sales 7.4% in 2020, to 46,703 million pesos.

The company manufactures, directly and through certain of its subsidiaries, consumer products and institutional products.

At the end of 2020, the company operated 11 production plants, all of them located in Mexico.

Resultados financieros de KCM. Miles de pesos.

Likewise, it markets these products in Mexico and abroad, directly and through some of its subsidiaries.

The consumer products it sells include toilet paper, napkins, facial tissues, kitchen and bathroom paper towels, diapers, baby wipes, household wipes, feminine protection products (intimate pads, panty liners and tampons), incontinence products for adults, food accessories, children’s furniture and soaps.

Most of these products are manufactured at the company’s plants.

Kimberly-Clark México

Considering only the fourth quarter of 2021, its net sales increased 1%, driven by a 5% growth in price and mix, while volume decreased 4%.

“We face a difficult environment due to slower consumption compared to last year (2020 sales were greatly benefited by Covid) and volume pressure due to our pricing efforts,” the company said in a report.

Also in the fourth quarter, sales of Consumer Products decreased 5%, Away from Home grew 17% and exports were 52% higher than the previous year (Finished product sales continue to grow and doubled compared to last year).

“We are facing an unprecedented global commodity and commodity price environment that continues to impact our costs,” the company added.

As a consequence, gross profit decreased 22% and the margin was 29.7% in the fourth quarter.

All categories of raw materials compared negatively against the previous year.

As of December 31, 2020, approximately 48% of KCM’s capital stock was owned by KCC.


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