Kalmar: cargo handling automation for ships

Kalmar, a subsidiary of Cargotec Corporation, is confident in automation and 100% electric solutions in its container handling business.

In mid-December 2021, Kalmar launched three new 100% electric solutions: the Kalmar Electric Reachstacker, the Kalmar Electric Heavy Forklift and the Kalmar Ottawa Electric Terminal Tractor.

Kalmar also announced the Kalmar Robotic Portfolio, which is a future range of intelligent, flexible and autonomous mobile equipment solutions.

The portfolio will consist of Kalmar’s RoboTractor, RoboLifter, RoboStacker and RoboHandler, with prototypes currently being tested at different sites around the world.

Additionally, Kalmar launched Kalmar Tracker, an automated container information solution for reachstackers, designed to enable safer and more efficient management of container movements.

In late 2021, the company entered into a joint development agreement with Coast Autonomous to accelerate the development and launch of robotic solutions across the entire mobile equipment offering.

Coast Autonomous is an autonomous driving technology startup based in California, United States, providing mobility solutions to move people and goods in urban and industrial environments.

Kalmar also became a minority shareholder in Coast Autonomous


The year 2021 marked a considerable milestone for Kalmar, as its entire portfolio became available in electric versions.

In the first quarter, Kalmar and Nokia announced that they will expand their ongoing collaboration to bring new solutions to ports and intermodal terminal operators looking to automate operations and achieve higher productivity.

Then, in June, a new stand-alone 5G network was rolled out for the Kalmar Technology and Competence Center in Tampere, Finland, together with Telia and Telia’s partners Digita and Nokia.

With the network, Kalmar can develop new integrated solutions for cargo handling and communication technology product development.

In the second quarter, Kalmar introduced two service solutions, Kalmar Modernization Services and Kalmar Remote Services, for manual and automated container terminals.

Crane gantry

Kalmar Modernization Services maximize the performance of customers’ yard crane and transport and gantry crane fleets with equipment inspection, repairs and refurbishments, modernizations, and digitization and automation services.

Kalmar Remote Services includes three new expert services for manual and automated terminals, helping customers optimize the use and performance of their equipment.

During the second quarter, Kalmar also introduced a new generation of Kalmar rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTGs). The offering covers five models with a stronger, lighter and simpler modular design and features to provide customers with a productive and eco-efficient container handling solution.

Cargotec Corporation is a Finnish company that manufactures cargo handling machinery for ships, ports, terminals and local distribution.


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