Half of industrial accidents involve alcohol

Half of all industrial accidents involve alcohol, and commercial fleets experience more than 11,000 alcohol-related accidents each year, SOBR Safe said.

Through costs related to criminal justice, lost work productivity, and health care expenses, the annual cost of alcohol abuse in the United States is estimated at $249 billion.

On this, SOBR Safe believes that its technology provides a solution that addresses this problem.

The company intends to provide its corporate clients with non-invasive technology to quickly and safely identify potential alcohol problems with their employees or contractors, which if left undetected could lead to injury or death.

These technologies will be integrated within its robust and scalable data platform, producing statistical and measurable user and business data.

Industrial accidents

From its perspective, the company’s mission is to save lives, increase productivity, create significant economic benefit for its customers, and positively impact behavior.

To that end, SOBR Safe develops the patent-pending SOBRSafe scalable software platform for noninvasive alcohol screening and identity verification, a solution that has anticipated applications in commercial vehicle fleets, manufacturing and warehousing, construction, and for commercial fleets. and young drivers in a portable form.

It also believe that consistent daily use of its device could result in significant insurance savings on workers’ compensation, general liability and fleet policies.

SOBR Safe management believes that the key to developing a successful product is finding a possible solution to a need that is not adequately served by current technologies.


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