Guadalajara’s exports: tequila and horticulture

Guadalajara’s exports were valued at US$323 million, while total imports were US$636 million, according to the Ministry of Economy.

Guadalajara’s main exports in 2022 included distilled spirits (tequila, among others), fresh horticulture, and fats and oils.

Guadalajara’s exports

Likewise, the most prominent international markets for these shipments were the United States (US$2.95 billion), China (US$70.9 million) and Canada (US$54.2 million).

Conversely, the main imports to Guadalajara in 2022 were sugars and honey substitutes ($496 million), mineral fertilizers ($347 million) and mineral fertilizers or nitrogenous chemicals ($198 million).

Imports came mainly from the United States (US$2 billion), China (US$1.9 billion) and Vietnam (US$243 million).

Retail sector

On the other hand, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Guadalajara’s traditional retail trade comprises 91 public markets, two wholesale markets, 134 wet markets, 12,600 small traditional and independent family stores, and 1,233 modern retail stores.

Municipalities throughout the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area have enacted zoning laws whereby new development projects must guarantee space for the installation of a traditional market.

Real estate within Guadalajara proper comes at a high cost and establishing new public markets within the city is not feasible.

As a result, almost all new housing development in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area occurs in suburban areas outside the city of Guadalajara.

The San Juan de Dios market, also known as Mercado Libertad, is the city’s most famous traditional market and is considered the largest covered market in Latin America.

Founded in 1958, it has three floors and houses 3,000 stalls selling fruits and vegetables, groceries, food products, handicrafts, textiles and electronics.

In March 2022, the San Juan de Dios market was damaged by fire.


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