Grupo Sanborns: growth in number of stores stagnates

Grupo Sanborns stagnated in the growth of the number of its stores at the end of the third quarter of 2022 compared to the same period of 2021.

At the end of September of the current year, the company was comprised of a chain of 146 establishments with restaurant and store operations, 21 Sanborns Café, 45 music stores, 98 iShop stores, 97 Sears department stores, 1 boutique, 25 Dax stores, 1 Saks Fifth Avenue, 1 Sanborns Home & Fashion, as well as 2 shopping centers.

The total sum of these stores was 435 stores, three more than the company operated a year earlier.

A breakdown shows that in both periods the number of stores remained the same for Sears (97 stores) and Mixup stores (45).

There was a decrease in the number of establishments with restaurant and Sanborns store operations, from 148 to 146.

On the other hand, iShop stores increased from 93 to 98 and Dax stores (from 24 to 25).

Grupo Sanborns has electronic pages, through which it promotes products such as appliances, clothing, records, books, toys, photography, perfumes, audio and video equipment, among others.

In the real estate sector, the company operates two shopping centers, Plaza Inbursa and Plaza Loreto.

Grupo Sanborns

A subsidiary of Grupo Carso that participates in the commercial sector and is integrated by points of sale, Grupo Sanborns is in charge of the commercial sector.

In particular, Sanborns, established in 1903 as a pharmacy, developed the unique concept of a store-restaurant offering a wide variety of products. Sanborns has introduced new products and services in its stores, including its credit card, opticians, computer equipment, software, banking modules and accessories, as well as the receipt of payment for various services.

Sanborns has three food processing plants (commissaries) where the primary processes of handling meat, freezing hamburgers, making sauces and bread are carried out, which are distributed daily to the restaurants by the company’s own transportation. There is also a chocolate factory that distributes its production to stores and restaurants.


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