Electric-electronic sector in Mexico’s new industrial policy

The electric-electronic sector was included in the five priority sectors selected by the Ministry of Economy in Mexico‘s new industrial policy.

Mexico is the world’s 8th largest producer of electronic products, a key sector for boosting the technological development of the entire industry.

This industry had a 32.5% increase in employment generated during the last five years.

In addition, the electrical-electronic sector represents 6.4% of the GDP of the manufacturing industry in 2021.

Above all, it is the most important sector in terms of Mexico’s exports in 2021.

The Ministry of Economy indicated that the northeast, northwest and west regions have the greatest potential to develop this industry.

To boost the sector, the Ministry of Economy plans to strengthen the domestic production chain of electronic goods by promoting collaboration strategies among domestic companies dedicated to the manufacture of its components.

It also plans to promote the participation of Mexican companies in the chemical industry in the production chains of global companies in the pharmaceutical and electric-electronic sectors.

In particular, the government will promote the production of electronic products, household appliances, communication and measuring equipment, computer equipment, manufactured goods for export, and semiconductors.

Electric-electronic sector

In order to support the competitive supply of heavy and high-tech industries, from September 2021 to July 2022, the Ministry of Economy issued permits to import inputs, parts and components for the production of final goods, with preferential tariffs, for a total of 5.101 billion dollars, distributed as follows: automotive and auto parts 53%, electronics 34.4%, electrical manufacturing 9.1%, transportation 2.8%, and heavy industries 1.2%.

As a link in the production chains of globalized industries such as the automotive, electronics and aerospace sectors, studies were carried out to identify steel and metal-mechanical products (such as forging, machining, die-cutting, plastic injection and castings, among others), which due to their import volume represent areas of opportunity to increase domestic supply and the added value of exports in order to take advantage of the new rules of origin of the Mexico-United States-Canada Agreement (USMCA).


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