Grupo Elektra: Italika has 4,200 points of sale

Grupo Elektra reported that Italika, its motorcycle brand, now has more than 4,200 points of sale, including a new format called Elektra motos (36 points of sale).

Thus, Italika has not only achieved a 59% share of the Mexican motorcycle market, but has also consolidated its position as a 100% Mexican brand.

In addition to providing quality and technical support for its products, Italika is the most important competitor in the sector, reporting an installed capacity of more than 800,000 motorcycles per year.

The brand is also present in Guatemala and Honduras.

Italika has the support of 1,002 Authorized Service Centers in Mexico and more than 230 in Central America, a line of original spare parts and qualified personnel throughout the country.

In addition, Italika has proven to have products that offer an accessible, modern, fast, fuel-efficient and economical means of transportation.

All of this, according to Grupo Elektra, translates into an improvement in the quality of life of families and a low environmental impact.

To complement its value offer, Grupo Elektra extended its offer through an exclusive distribution agreement with the Hero brand, the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturer.

Grupo Elektra

This conglomerate was founded in the 1950s as a company dedicated to the manufacture of radio transmitters and later began to operate as a retailer with the opening of its first Elektra store.

Grupo Elektra is the leading financial services and specialized commerce company in Central America, targeting the C+, C, C-, and D+ socioeconomic levels.

It is also the largest provider of short-term non-bank loans in the United States through its subsidiary Purpose Financial, Inc. (formerly Advance America Cash Advance Centers, Inc.), which targets the U.S. middle class.

As of December 31, 2022, the conglomerate operated 6,346 points of contact through its Elektra, Salinas y Rocha, Banco Azteca stores and Purpose Financial branches in the United States.

Of these, 5,396 are located in four Latin American countries (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama) and 950 Purpose Financial branches in the United States.


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