GICSA: opportunities in the mixed-use real estate market

The Mexican company GICSA projects that the mixed-use real estate market will continue to be a trend in the main cities of Mexico in the coming years.

This approach, coupled with a growing interest in the development of these spaces, supports the trend of maintaining and expanding mixed-use, entertainment and recreation developments, thus expanding business possibilities throughout the Mexican Republic.

In GICSA’s opinion, the foregoing represents a favorable growth in mixed-use projects, which are also beneficial and highly functional for people interested in saving time on the way from home to work or others.

GICSA is one of the main large-scale developers in Mexico that manages the entire value chain of the real estate business.

The company has developed 76 real estate projects with a total of approximately 3.2 million m2 of Gross Leasable Area (GLA), and has sold approximately 2.2 million m2, which is made up of 1 million m2 in GLA in shopping centers, 276,000 m2 of GLA in corporate buildings, 329,000 m2 of GLA in mixed projects, 1.3 million m2 of GLA of industrial buildings, 317,000 m2 of salable residential area and 1,303 hotel rooms.


Mixed-use developments are the integration of spaces with different objectives within areas or buildings with commercial areas, offices or others.

In general, this type of development offers diversification in the use of the land and therefore protection against the decrease in demand of some of the businesses that the development contains and in recent years they have gained ground in the Mexican Republic, since they present a solution for the development of growing cities.

Among other services, these spaces bring together all the needs that people require for their development: offices, shops, restaurants.

Above all, the attribute of mixed use is the constant flow of people it attracts.

The development of mixed-use real estate projects is one of the most notorious trends in recent years.

At the Real Estate Business Expo, Ausencio Lomelín, director at Colliers Mexico City, reported that in recent years, the number of mixed-use projects that are being incorporated into the Mexican market has increased significantly.

In the case of Mexico City, there are 21 registered projects under construction, which will contribute more than 2 million square meters.

From the developer’s point of view, Juan Carlos, Partner and founder of Wolstrat, indicated that the success of all mixed-use projects worldwide is the proximity and ease of mobility they offer in terms of work, entertainment and community creation. .

Likewise, Gómez Platero, founder and director of Gómez Platero Arquitectos, took up the theme of mobility and closeness that led to the development of cities.


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