Gender Equity: Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate-Palmolive Company promotes diversity, gender equity and inclusion and believes that its people are crucial to its continued success.

Therefore, the company‘s goal is to recruit, develop and retain strong, diverse talent.

In its own words, the company celebrates differences, promotes an equitable and inclusive environment and values the contributions of all Colgate employees.

As of December 31, 2022, Colgate-Palmolive’s global workforce was comprised of approximately 59% men and 41% women.

Women represented approximately 54% of salaried and administrative employees, 44% of personnel managers, 42% of executives and 6% of senior corporate officers.

Measuring the race/ethnicity of your workforce is a challenge on a global scale.

In the United States, according to self-reported information, the racial/ethnic composition of its workforce was approximately 68% white, 12% Hispanic, 9% Asian, 9% black and 2% other.

At the same time, the racial/ethnic composition of its managers was about 61% white, 16% Hispanic, 14% Asian and 9% black.

And while the composition of its executives was about 58% white, 19% Hispanic, 15% Asian, 7% black and 1% other, the composition of senior management was 61% white, 15% Hispanic, 12% Asian and 12% black. «Other» refers to American Indian/Alaska Native, two or more races or Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander.

Gender equity

In this regard, «personnel managers» refers to employees in roles that have at least one direct subordinate, «executives» refers to employees who are eligible to participate in Colgate’s stock incentive compensation plans, and «senior management» refers to employees who are vice presidents or above.

In general, the Company is committed to providing all employees with an equitable and inclusive work environment, learning opportunities and opportunities for advancement and growth.

A vital element of its development and innovation strategy has been to ensure that its succession planning process incorporates the promotion of women and people from all cultures, including underrepresented communities.

The company’s global Diversity and Inclusion strategy aims to advance its commitment to becoming an even more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.


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