Envoy Solutions consolidates its logistics in the United States

Through its subsidiary Envoy Solutions, FEMSA took important steps along the long-term strategic path to build and consolidate a leading specialized distribution platform in the United States to meet the needs of its clients.

Envoy Solutions is a diversified distribution company that includes the operations of North American Corporation, WAXIE Sanitary Supply, Southeastern Paper Group, Daycon, Penn Jersey Paper, North Woods, Johnston, Next-Gen, Swish White River, Weiss Bros., General Chemical , Valley Janitor Supply Company and Bio-Shine.

With this series of acquisitions, FEMSA continues to consolidate its presence in the main regions of the United States and has managed to strengthen its brand in that country.

With a total of 50 distribution centers and service to more than 200,000 locations, its strengths, capabilities and geographic footprint place Envoy Solutions as one of the main specialized distribution platforms, according to FEMSA.

In general, FEMSA seeks to integrate all recent acquisitions into a single business model, taking advantage of a “winning formula” management approach in all locations, with the purpose of strengthening collaboration with its team in Mexico and having a unified Envoy Solutions culture.

FEMSA believes that this integrated approach, which differentiates the company from its competitors, will allow it to take advantage of its scale and best practices, share knowledge and collaborate across regions, as well as serve its clients more efficiently.

During 2021, FEMSA’s specialized distribution business continued to experience the impacts of the pandemic, although it balanced the positive dynamics in several markets with some segments of end users in the United States that continue to operate below 2019 levels -such as supplies for establishments, hotels and office buildings that continue to operate at low capacity.

In response, Envoy Solutions took the opportunity to leverage and expand related capabilities to continue serving its customers.

As it did at the beginning of the pandemic when it distributed gloves, gowns and masks, the company increased its volume and offers for food delivery in 2021, including disposable packaging solutions and other packaging.


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