Electrification: first light vehicles then commercial vehicles

The company Tenneco, an American original equipment manufacturer of automotive components, predicts that electrification will be faster in light vehicles than in commercial ones.

Also Tenneco is a manufacturer of aftermarket emissions and ride control products.

While this company sees similar electrification trends for light vehicles and commercial vehicles in the long term, it expects light vehicles to experience those trends sooner than commercial vehicles.

Globally, the continuing evolution and focus on climate change and environmental sustainability by consumers and governments is raising expectations for the automotive industry to develop more fuel efficient and reduced emissions solutions.

Already several jurisdictions around the world have announced plans to limit the production of new diesel and gasoline vehicles in the future.

Major vehicle manufacturers have announced their intention to phase out and phase out the production of diesel and gasoline vehicles over the next two decades.

However, for the foreseeable future, most powertrains for commercial and light vehicles are expected to be gasoline and diesel engines (including hybrids, which combine a battery electric drive with a combustion engine).

Light vehicles

The evolution of alternative powertrain technology, including the increased adoption of fully electric and hybrid powertrains, will also create more opportunities for greater driving performance and material Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH), as consumers seek smoother, quieter and more efficient rides.

At the same time, according to Tenneco, engine downsizing and hybridization will lead to a proliferation of NVH.

In addition, fully electric vehicles are likely to have a fundamentally different set of requirements for noise, vibration and harshness, braking and driving performance.

As a leading provider of clean air systems and friction materials with strong technical capabilities in both areas, the company believes it is well positioned to benefit from the more stringent environmental standards being adopted around the world.

Current regulations in developed markets are being adopted in developing markets and should increase content opportunities for your business in the medium term.


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