Drones in Japan: Level 4 flight

2022 was a year of big moves for the industry of drones in Japan, noted World Scan Project, a manufacturer of industrial automaton equipment.

In December 2022, new drone regulations in the Civil Aeronautics Law came into effect, and full flight beyond visual line of sight (Level 4 flight) in manned areas (above third parties) for various purposes, including logistics, is now possible.

With the lifting of the Level 4 flight ban, the use of drones is expected to advance and, at the same time, new solutions and services using drones will be created.

World Scan Project referred that the estimated size of the drone market in Japan in 2022 was 308.6 billion yen, up 77.8 billion yen from 230.8 billion yen in 2021 (33.7% higher than the previous year).

Drones in Japan

It is also projected to grow to ¥382.8 billion in 2023, up 24.0% from the previous year, and to reach ¥934 billion in 2028. Converted to an average annual growth rate (2022-2028), it is expected to increase 20.3% per year.

Since all of its operations are conducted in Japan, and its customers reside in Japan, only rules and regulations relating to Japan are currently applicable to the company’s drone-related operations.

Japan’s Aviation Law prohibits the flying of drones in residential areas or in the vicinity of an airport without permission from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

It is also prohibited to fly drones at night or during an event.

In addition, drones weighing no less than 200 grams in unrestricted areas throughout the country must be kept at a height of less than 150 meters and at a minimum distance of 30 meters from people, buildings and vehicles.

Since SkyFight-X, a product of World Scan Project, weighs less than 200 grams, it can fly for drone racing purposes or participate in drone flying schools. This is because such action is not prohibited by any relevant regulations in Japan.

At this time, the company is not subject to any specific regulations regarding the manufacture and design of the SkyFight-X.


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