Cargo drones: Top 10 exporters

Canada leads the ranking of the top exporters of cargo drones or mini helicopters in 2021, according to data from the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Canadian external sales of these drones were $394 million, implying a year-on-year increase of 32 percent.

Specifically, these are small unmanned aerial vehicles (SUAVs) with an empty weight of no more than 2,000 kilograms.

UAVs, which weigh less than 150 kilograms, have evolved rapidly from their military origin to commercial and civilian applications.

Mobilicom believes that some of the main factors for the recent increase in the use of SUAVs are: increased automation of SUAVs, which brings additional value to existing workflows, the general relaxation of regulatory restrictions, and recent technological advances that have enabled the use of SUAVs in small-scale localized environments, whether by police or defense forces in urban neighborhoods or for commercial applications such as surveying, aerial remote sensing, surveillance, mapping, precision agriculture and product distribution.

Cargo drones

Mobilicom is a supplier of hardware products and software and cybersecurity solutions that it designs, develops and manufactures that are incorporated into small drones, or small unmanned aerial vehicles, and robotic systems, or robotics.

Other major exporting countries of these drones in 2021 are: France ($328 million, +40% year-on-year), Germany ($81 million, +23%), Chile ($58 million, +45%), United Kingdom ($34 million, +171%), Norway ($25 million, -2%), and Switzerland ($20 million, +17 percent).

According to the Global Drone Market Report 2021-2026, published in August 2021, or the Global Drone Market Report, the SUAV drone market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.4%, and is expected to reach $41.3 billion by 2026.

According to Mobilicom estimates, its total addressable market will reach $8.5 billion of this $41.3 billion.

Mobilicom has calculated its total addressable market based on data from the Global Drone Market Report and Drone Industry Insights’ conclusion that 16.4% and 4.3%, respectively (and in total 20.7%) of the total $41.3 billion market will go to the types of hardware and software products, respectively, that the company produces.

Although not seeking to benefit from the conflicts, Mobilicom expects the current situation in Ukraine to accelerate demand for its products.

They also stood out in exports of these types of drones: South Africa ($19 million, +1,493%), Austria (-34%) and Czech Republic (-49 percent).

Among some of the main drone companies are Brinc, Dedrone, DroneSense, AeroVironment, Air Hogs, FreeFly, Airobotics, SenseFly, Uvify, Hubsan, Insitu, Aerialtronics, EHang, Delair, Autel Robotics, Kespry, Yuneec, Parrot, DJI and Skydio.


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