Domino’s Pizza leads in Alsea Mexico

Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks and Burger King continue to be the brands with the best performance in the current environment of Alsea Mexico, achieving in 2021 same-store sales growth of 20.9, 18.6 and 10.0%, respectively, against 2019.

In general, Alsea Mexico’s sales represented 48.7% of Alsea’s consolidated sales in 2021 and reported an increase of 36.4% to reach 26,015 million pesos compared to 19,067 million pesos in 2020, mainly due to the recovery in consumption and increase in transactions within restaurants throughout the year.

Even though consumption within restaurants, an important part of sales in the year continue to be through home deliveries and take-out counter sales, allowing Alsea to take advantage of the competitive advantage of having established delivery strategies such as «Wow+», Domino’s Online Ordering and agreements with the main aggregator platforms, giving continuity to sales through this channel, which reached a 20.3% share of sales in 2021, with more than 24.9 million orders in the year and an amount of more than 5,280 million pesos.

Alsea Mexico

The company’s Adjusted EBITDA increased 63.1% during 2021, closing at 8,132 million pesos compared to 4,986 million pesos in the previous year, mainly driven by the increase in sales, the control of labor expenses, leases and other administrative expenses, as well as the different commercial strategies implemented throughout the year.

Said increase was benefited by the reduction of 130 basis points in costs as a percentage of sales, related to the business mix effect due to the greater sales participation of the Starbucks, casual dining and Vips brands, as well as an improvement in the supply chain, which was partially offset by the increase in operating expenses compared to 2020, as a result of the increase in demand starting in the second quarter of the year, as labor and lease expenses gradually returned to their normalized sales percentage levels.

In addition, in the category of other expenses and income, an impact related to the provision related to the distribution of profits for the year 2021 of approximately 76 basis points was recorded during the year.

At the end of the year, Alsea Mexico had a total of 1,789 corporate units and 385 sub-franchisee units.


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