Denominations of origin: Ministry of Economy creates tariff fractions

The Ministry of Economy created tariff fractions to identify the different denominations of origin of Mexico.

Mexico has a Denomination of Origin for Amber from Chiapas, Rice from the State of Morelos, Bacanora, Cacao Grijalva, Café Chiapas, Café Veracruz, Café Pluma, Charanda, Habanero Chile from the Yucatan Peninsula, the Chile Yahualica, the Mango Ataúlfo del Soconusco Chiapas, the Mezcal, the Olinalá, the Raicilla, the Sotol, the Talavera, the Tequila and the Vanilla of Papantla.

According to figures from the Trade Balance of Merchandise of Mexico, exports of merchandise that have Denomination of Origin amounted to approximately more than 4.475 million dollars, which represented 0.5% of Mexico’s non-oil exports, in the period 2019-2020.

Regarding this, the Ministry of Economy highlighted that these products are an important part of Mexican culture, since they are representatives of Mexico to the world and are part of the regional economy in our country, employing a significant number of people in the chain of production of the same.

Denominations of origin

Among some of the benefits of products identified with Denomination of Origin are that they provide greater opportunities to the productive sector in Mexico (to industry, the countryside, artisans, merchants and producers, among others), while protecting to the consumer;

Therefore, in order to specifically identify the various goods that have a Denomination of Origin and in this way recognize the importance of said products at the national and international level and, with this, promote, strengthen and recognize their value as Unique products of Mexico, the Ministry of Economy created 51 tariff items and eliminated 15 tariff items, in various Chapters of the Tariff.

The measure was established in a Decree that was published this Thursday in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), which will enter into force the following day, Friday, November 19, 2021.

In 2020, Mexico exported mainly to the United States: beer (4,088 million dollars), avocado (2,481 million), tomato (2,296 million), tequila (2,078 million) and raspberries, blueberries and blackberries (1,451 million).


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