Customer service with artificial intelligence

LivePerson believes that artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are the foundation for transforming the conversational experience and customer service.

This requires altering the way agents operate and the way brands interact with consumers.

LivePerson is a leading conversational AI company that creates digital experiences that are curiously human.

Conversational AI allows humans and machines to interact using natural language, including speech or text.

Already consumer preference has shifted from calling to messaging in personal life.

WhatsApp and Facebook users combined send more than 65 billion messages a day, and according to Portio Research, it was estimated that people around the world sent approximately 23 billion text messages a day in 2015.

The International Smartphone Mobility Report from mobile data tracking firm Infomate found that Americans spend about 26 minutes a day texting, compared to six minutes a day on voice calls.

A survey by transportation booking app Hailo found that making phone calls has dropped to the sixth most popular use of a mobile device, after sending and receiving messages, checking email, browsing the Web and using the Internet. alarm clock.

Customer service

The adoption of messaging has not been limited to the younger generations. According to Experian Marketing Services, adults 55 and older send and receive an average of nearly 500 text messages per month.

For all these reasons, LivePerson believes that the combination of strong alignment with consumer communication preferences, high returns on investment and a growing list of trusted and proven customers have positioned the company at a turning point.

Nearly 75% of messaging conversations on the LivePerson platform had automation attached at the end of 2021, up from nearly 70% at the end of 2020, nearly 60% at the end of 2019, and approximately 25% at the end of 2017.

In the first year of its launch, almost 300 brands implemented its Conversation Bot Builder.

LivePerson’s proprietary messaging and conversational AI enable consumers and businesses to use natural language through conversational interfaces like SMS, Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google’s Rich Business Messenger, and personal home assistants like Alexa, to get answers to questions, make purchases, and resolve customer service inquiries.

These conversational messaging capabilities target lower costs and higher customer satisfaction, retention and revenue by using human agents, AI and bots to provide convenient, personalized and content-rich communication as alternatives to calling a 1-800 number, navigating a website or downloading an app.


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