Conver: licenses and its drop in balloon sales 

Convertidora Industrial (Conver) recorded a 15.2% year-on-year drop in its sales of metallized balloons in 2023, to P975 million.

What are the characteristics of metallized balloons? They are usually made of aluminum foil, with a shiny appearance and retain air or helium better compared to regular latex balloons.

After reaching P1.582 billion in 2021 in this same segment, Conver’s sales dropped 27.3% in 2022 to P1.15 billion.

What licenses does the company pay for in its balloon production?

Convertidora Industrial obtains licenses for periods of between one and three years, with the possibility of renewal.

These companies include Walt Disney Consumers Products, Warner Brothers Home Video Mexico and Tycoon Enterprises (Nintendo).

Conver holds licenses in Mexico and Latin America from: 

  • Warner Brothers ( Mexico). 
  • Pink Fong (Mexico).
  • Miffy (Mexico).
  • Fulanitos (Mexico).


Incorporated in Etzatlan, Jalisco, Convertidora Industrial manufactures and sells printed polyethylene and polypropylene balloons and flexible packaging.

With concerns about environmental issues facing the Earth, some balloon manufacturers are using more sustainable options in terms of materials and manufacturing processes, such as biodegradable balloons or balloons made from recycled materials.

On the licensing side, Warner Brothers grants a variety of licenses for the use of its intellectual properties in a wide range of products and projects. 

For the balloon industry, it licenses prints based on its franchises and characters.

In exchange for these licenses, the company has to pay royalties that generally range between 12% and 14% of total balloon sales under the license in question. 

The company estimates that the worldwide balloon market is valued at more than US$225 million annually. 

Who is Convertidora Industrial?

  • The second largest balloon producer in the world. 
  • It has more than 3,000 of its own models and more than 500 licensed models of different characters. 
  • Balloon producer with a high quality/price ratio. 
  • Only one of the most important producers in the world outside the United States
  • Reaches a penetration in the 5 continents.
  • Through Convergram Mexico, has a market share of about 60% of the Mexican market.
  • Exports approximately 80% of its balloon production.