Colombia: major exporter of carnations, roses and chrysanthemums

Colombia is the world’s largest exporter of carnations, the second largest exporter of chrysanthemums and the fourth largest exporter of roses.

In fact, Colombia is the second largest exporter of flowers and buds, cut for bouquets or ornaments, fresh, dried, bleached, dyed, impregnated or otherwise prepared, with sales of a customs value of US$1,727 million in 2021.

While Colombia’s tropical climate and range of altitudes favor a wide variety of agriculture, coffee, sugarcane, flowers, bananas, potatoes and bananas have traditionally been the most important products.

Colombia’s main flower promotion event, «Dianthus Week 2022», was attended by Ball (USA), Breier Cross (Israel), Danziger (Israel), Dummen Orange (Holland), Propagar Plantas (Colombia), Hilverda Florist (Holland), Santamaría (Italy), Sb Talee (Colombia) and Selecta (Germany).


In 2021, Colombian carnation exports totaled US$256 million, a 25% year-on-year growth, according to data from the National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN).

Among the main exporters of this flower are: Colibri Flowers, CI Flores De Aposentos, Multiflora CI, Florval and Turflor.

Carnation exports from Colombia went mainly in 2021 to the United States (40.2 percent), Japan (17.1 percent) and the Netherlands (10.9 percent).


Despite the free trade policies adopted in recent years, the Government continues to recognize the special needs of some local producers. The program known as the «Programa de Protección de Ingresos para Productores de Bienes Agrícolas Exportables» (Income Protection Program for Producers of Exportable Agricultural Goods) benefits flower and banana producers, among other sectors.

The Colombian government expects the program to help the agricultural sector with a subsidy on the cost of foreign exchange hedges.

As for Colombian rose exports, these sales were US$367 million in 2021, with an annual growth of 14%, and were surpassed by those corresponding to the Netherlands, Ecuador and Kenya.

Finally, international sales of chrysanthemums from Colombia were $164 million in 2021, an advance of 29.1% compared to 2020, and were higher only for the Netherlands.

In 2020, the combined sectors of agriculture (including coffee), livestock, fisheries, forestry and hunting together comprised 6.8% of Colombia’s total GDP.


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